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Why I am wearing my poppy with pride

By Mick Underhill, Oct 16 2014 04:15PM

This year, as every year, in the run up to the anniversary of the Armistice I will be wearing my poppy with pride. The reasons for this are three fold:

As a symbol of remembrance for those before me from all nations who have died in the line of the duty that was asked of them, not only during the First World War but also during the many wars and conflicts that have been endured since. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month I shall stand to attention and think of the final thoughts of those brave men and women.

As a symbol of solidarity not only for those serving now in operational theatres around the world but also for the families at home who wear a brave face as they go about their lives knowing that today maybe the day for bad news.....I pray for those that it never comes and they can rejoice in the embrace of their loved ones again.

To help raise money for the good works that the Royal British Legion do in support of all ex-service men and women, not only the injured and the bereaved but also the homeless and infirm.

The poppy is not a triumphal symbol, nor is it the badge of an elite club, it shows no prejudice of race, religion or class……It just says thank you to those that have given all that they have to give so I may live safely with those that I love. I may not agree with the politics of war and the reasons why we feel the need to enter conflict before words are exhausted…but I support the bravery of the servicemen and women without question.

I will always live in hope that the most recent loss of life through military action is the last but one cannot count on the collective behaviours of mankind.

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