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Hello World!!

By guest, Aug 23 2014 10:23AM

Underhill Project Controls….or Underhill Project Control Freaks as it is endearingly known in office, has been moving through the gears recently from ‘initial idea’….to ‘on the back burner’….to ‘let’s have a think about this’…to ‘you know what? I think this is a goer’.

Having registered the company, visited Paul my accountant, chatted with Sally my business development guru, sought advice from the industry sages Tim and Rich. It is now on the launch pad! I tell you what I have learned; business start-up is as adrenaline fuelled as bungee jumping and as liberating as naturism….apparently! I am full of excitement for this now, and hope to bring that to the fore in the forthcoming contracts I deliver for my clients.

If you are reading this on the weird world that is the interweb, you may be a Russian bride, Nigerian prince…maybe a recruitment agent, maybe my dad (Hi Dad!), maybe a construction specialist….a project manager, planning team leader…..another planner god forbid!!! Whoever you are get in touch and enquire how I can make your business or project run more smoothly…help you win that bid you need to kick you into a new level…maybe even inspire you to launch a business start-up.

As my life coaches Jake & Elwood once said “There are 106 miles to Chicago. We have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses……Hit it”

Aug 26 2014 03:45PM by Simon Metcalfe

Loving the new website, best wishes for Underhill Project Controls (UPC) which will undoubtedly be a resounding success

Aug 26 2014 03:06PM by Carol Brown

As a former entrepreneur, I applaud your spirit and wish you as much luck and fun as I had in my long and successful career!

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